Do companies still need inbound marketing?

7 stycznia 2019 15:14

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7 stycznia 2019 15:17

Most marketers are focused on advertising at the lower levels of the sales funnel, while most users are at the top. Before a future customer wants to buy your product, he must recognize the brand and begin to trust him - this step is not taken into account in the strategies of many businesses.

Inbound marketing is a way to attract an audience with useful content. We are not talking about buying a product: you bring users to the site so that they subscribe to an interesting blog, download a visual infographic, go through the current webinar, etc. This allows not only to acquaint visitors with the brand - but also to gain their trust, acting as an expert in their industry. In addition, leads from inbound-content are made available for remarketing and moving down through the sales funnel.

So do companies need inbound marketing?

If they use the conservative outbound marketing method in the old manner, then they must have noticed a change for the worse: a decrease in consumer attention and activity, and as a result - a drop in sales. They have to spend more time and effort to conclude each transaction, and cold dialing does not work at all for their previous audience. So, it is time for a change in their marketing strategy. Traditional outbound marketing has been very productive in the past. If used properly, it can still give positive results, but at what cost? Salaries of sales staff, the price of advertising time on radio and television, the cost of advertising space in newspapers, magazines and street banners are at unpleasantly high levels. Prices for traditional promotional products have a constant tendency to increase in the presence of a simultaneous trend towards a rapid reduction in its effectiveness. The entire surrounding media space is filled with advertising, and potential consumers are no longer susceptible to its traditional formats. People begin to resent the very existence of messages aimed at attracting their attention, and they are finding more and more new ways to avoid viewing advertisements.

To sum up, yes – companies need inbound marketing.