B2B CRM. How to choose the best one?

18 stycznia 2019 11:19

Which indicators should be taken under consideration while choosing CRM for B2B?

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18 stycznia 2019 11:59

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product is a must if you grow your business. It's worth to take a while and consider below questions:

1. Can you try the product before the purchase? 

Whenever a free trial is available, always sign up. Ask your coworkers to test the software with you - It's an important decision for all your company. It's good if you collect your questions and ask them before you start paying for the chosen CRM. Example of simple to register, totally free is User.com.

Don't hesitate to check this trial: https://app.userengage.com/register/

2. Is this platform integrated with other tools? 

What are the most important tools your team use on a daily basis? Make sure you can connect them with your new CRM. Remember it should make your work smarter, not harder.

3. What kind of support can I get for this price? 

Here are two points it's worth to think about:

- Make sure that contact with CRM provider is easy and support team really cares. It's a good practice to ask the helpdesk any question before you buy the CRM so you can check if your contacts go smoothly. 

- What kind of support do you prefer? Is it rather chat, email or phone calls? Define what works for you best.

4. Can I use it both for sales and support teams? 

Nowadays when companies use many tools and communication channels it's worth a hassle finding one tool for all marketing, sales and support tasks. Time efficient and much cheaper than using several different platforms. Additionally, your team will appreciate this solution.

5. Does it take time to implement it? 

Always consider how much time you can spend to set up a new tool and train your employees. Good CRM is to help your business to grow, not opposite.