Generate leads and support
customers all day long

Meet your new assistant who works 24/7


Cool automation ideas

Welcome back
chat message

Send a welcome back message to every user who returns to your website after being away for five days or more.

Ask about
additional info

Use your newfound friend to gather relevant data with ease by integrating it as part of your chatbot's routine.

Forwarding info to
the support team

Assist your customers, even when your support team is on holiday. Gather issue information in an automation process.

Each chatbot has additional features

Multiple messages types

Set chatbot message apperance and
a unique visual style.

Save responses as an

Save defined anwsers as an attributes like first name, email, or phone number

Assign agent

Convert the conversation to the human agent automatically.

Change conversation state

Automatically change if the conversation should be set to open or closed.