Switch from Keap,
and break the limits of
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Get access to live chat, chatbots and a bunch of effective user engagement tools to turn your website into a first class customer experience generator.

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14 days free trial. No credit card required.

Switch from Keap,<br> and break the limits of<br> only eight arms.

Free data migration

A straightforward process to move your data over, easily for free and we’ll give you a hand if you get stuck.

LiveChat & Chatbot

A customized and unique conversation experience tailored to individual users already included in your CRM.

Omnichannel communiaction

Enrich your communication arsenal with modern tools. Push notifications, in-app messages and dynamic page content at a reasonable price.

Cuztomizable app interface

In User.com we adjust to your business, not the other way round. Not interested in some of the features? Got it! Your app includes only what you really need.

Level up your possibilities by additional features…

  • Omnichannel communication

    Low email CTRs? Reach your users through the channel they prefer. Live chat, push notifications, in-app messages and more.

  • Intuitive chatbot builder

    Provide outstanding customer support 24/7 and generate leads while you sleep.

  • Drag & drop automations

    Create advanced automation workflows and get access to almost 200 ready-to-use automation templates.

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…or keep it simple for less.

  • Basic features for 0$. Forever.

    CRM, live chat, push notifications and appointment scheduling available already in the free plan.

  • Unlimited agent seats

    We don’t punish you for growing. Unlimited agent seats across all plans.

  • Dynamic page content

    Leverage user details you collect to provide personalize experience – at each touchpoint with your brand.

Feel overwhelmed by the number of features?

In User.com you see only those sections that your business needs. Fully customizable.

Feel overwhelmed by the number of features?

User.com vs. Keap:
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