Switch from Drift,
and unlock your full
website potential

Make your website the key factor in connecting with your visitors. Improve key metrics with an enhanced customer experience, more leads, better close rates, while supporting your customer base.

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Switch from Drift,<br> and unlock your full<br> website potential

Free migration

A straightforward process to move your data over, easily for free and we’ll give you a hand if you get stuck.

Omnichannel Marketing

Live Chat and Chatbots are just one part of the full omnichannel marketing campaigns, at a reasonable price.

Not Just Chat

Redefine communication with your customers. Gather leads, answer questions, and better support your clients.

Upgraded Automation

Automate everything, from email, SMS, and more - Chat is just a single part of your expanded marketing capabilities.

Where User.com matches up in common features

  • Live Chat & Chatbots

    Plan and send messaging to visitors, depending on behavior

  • SMS Marketing Messages

    Triggered text communication to visitors activated on activity

  • Popup messaging

    Confident messaging to get information, or direct users to pages

Switch from Drift,<br> and unlock your full<br> website potential

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A unified marketing solution for all
your business needs

Where User.com takes it to the next level over Drift

  • Omni Channel Marketing

    Keep all customer communication, live chat, and chatbot, tracking details and more integrated together for the entire team to use.

  • Marketing Automation

    Automated and personalized messaging set and run automatically to better connect with visitors and support clients alike.

  • Detailed User Tracking + CRM

    Get advanced and comprehensive data on all your visitors with actionable events that you can use in automations or pipelines that will bring you a direct benefit.

Switch from Drift,<br> and unlock your full<br> website potential

Your entire business empowered by the team

  • A Smooth Customer Journey

    Place your customer at the center, with each team connecting at each part of their journey along the way.

  • Customized Personalization in Automation

    Produce a unique customer experience that they can feel and engage with en route.

  • Unlimited Agent Seats

    We don’t penalize your growth or for developing your business. Add new chat or support agents as your business increases at no extra cost.

Switch from Drift,<br> and unlock your full<br> website potential

User.com vs. DRIFT:
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