Looking to replace ActiveCampaign with a powerful alternative?

Save time and energy and open up your possibilities with dynamic omni communication

14 days free trial. No credit card required.

Looking to replace ActiveCampaign with a powerful alternative?

Free migration

A simple process to move your data over easily for free, with help if you get stuck along the way


Empower your team and quickly add users or companies to specific and manageable groups

LiveChat & Chatbot

A customized and unique conversation experience tailored to individual users already included in your CRM.

Vivid Dashboards

Access to tons of visuals and info to quickly understand everything at once to make easy decisions.

Email campaigns without breaking the bank

Stop throwing money to the wind with expensive marketing campaigns - at User.com, we give you transparent costs and scalable business options for competitive prices.

Personalized processes and communication with customized automations

Catch your customers right where they’re at - and in the perfect moment to respond. We offer a more powerful method and highly efficient automation techniques to get the best bang for your buck.

Let’s check the software similarities

  • Email Automation

    Plan and send automated emails to visitors, depending on behavior

  • SMS Marketing Messages

    Triggered text communication to visitors activated on activity

  • Popup messaging

    Confident messaging to get information, or direct users to pages

A unified marketing solution for all your business needs

Where User.com shines and stands above

  • Omni Communication

    Keep all customer communication, live chat, and chatbot details unified and together under one roof, for your entire team to use.

  • Automations

    Personalized messaging set and done automatically to better connect with clients and visitors alike.

  • User Tracking

    Advanced and detailed data on all your visitors. Make actionable events that you can use in automations or processes that will bring you a direct benefit.

Empower your team with additional benefits

  • A Smooth Customer Journey

    Put your customer at the center, with each team connecting at each part of their journey.

  • Customized Personalization in Automation

    Produce a unique customer experience that they can feel and engage with en route.

  • Everything Included

    An open process available for entire team to connect or communicate easily together along the way.

A fun Live Chat that’s easy to use, but powerful when mastered

Generate leads and communicate with both clients and visitors - add the possibility of fast customer response to solve issues before they become problems.

Chatbots on call and ready to work 24/7, even when you’re on holiday

Manage a robust and fully automated system to run tasks simultaneously with other contact forms to make visitors feel like they're communicating naturally.

Advanced user tracking - Understand the dynamics of all your visitor needs

Filter anything you can think of with organized data and turn those users into segements that you can track as groups, or more to convert to achievable goals.

Modernize your methods with push, SMS, funnels, and more to boot!

Send personalized messages in many forms with triggers as a function of a visitor's behavior, and turn complex visitor data into smooth sailing.

User.com vs. ActiveCampaign: detailed features comparison